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"Proudly Serving the Fire-Fighting Community Since 1992"


First Strike Technologies, Inc. was originally formed in 1992 for the purpose of achieving technological breakthroughs, and in turn developing new products and services for the maritime community in the fields of industrial fire protection, hazmat control, and environmental protection. It quickly became evident that the new technologies and products developed had broad application in the entire first response community. At this point, the firm broadened its efforts to include both the industrial and municipal fire protection community.

First Strike Technologies line of Vindicator Nozzle fire nozzles is the first of a series of new products which it intends to make available for enhancement of the first response community’s capability in the areas of fire protection, hazmat control, and environmental protection. The new products and services are based on the significant breakthroughs achieved in science and technology, and will be introduced as time and conditions permit.

First Strike Technologies is a small closely held corporation and recognizes that it is the newest entry in a highly competitive field dominated by long established and well recognized names and tradition. Therefore, it recognizes that its products must offer significant enhancements to the first responder capability well beyond that which is offered by others. Equally vital is its recognition that it must provide the absolute best in customer service and satisfaction.

First Strike Technologies, Inc. is excited about the future. In addition to knowing that it is providing the best in products and services, there is great satisfaction in knowing that we are making a contribution in making our communities safer.